Twitter Symbols & Free Emoticons


Twitter users know that an amazing amount of information can be written into 140 characters, but just like the old adage says, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”There are over a hundred different wingdings that can be pasted into the text of a tweet and dozens of emoji that can be typed, with more being invented every day. The symbols available can help you say just what you want, or can be used to crack a joke and lighten up the mood. Here are some of the best ones and how they are used.These free icons are sometimes called wingdings or webdings. They are worth only one character on Twitter, which makes them super useful for staying within twitter’s constraints. They seem simple, but they can say so much!❤: This one should be obvious. It’s one character shorter than <3 and looks much cuter. Declare your love!

✈: Whether you are going on a trip or making fun of Southwest Airlines, this fun airplane wingding can help you. Maybe you just want to sing about a G6?

☠: The old jolly roger can be super useful. Do you want to warn everyone that a tweet is poison? Maybe you are about to get on a ship? Are you going to a pirate themed party? Maybe you are going to the coast of Somalia and you want to let everyone know your intentions?

ツ: This sly smiley will keep your friends wondering. How did you angle your :) like that? Tricky tweeter that you are, you’ll never tell.

⚐: Sometimes you just need to surrender. Wave a white flag and let your followers know that you are finished fighting. Or, trick your enemies to get the jump on them. I guess. That actually sound kind of unethical.

✠: Speaking of unethical tweeting, there’s nothing more unethical than the good old Iron Cross. Honestly, maybe you shouldn’t use this one. I think the least harm it could do is reference the Red Baron, and how often does that honestly come up?

☭: A sickle and hammer is good for declaring your support for the USSR.

☢: If it isn’t obvious by now, the Cold War was still going on when these icons were designed.

♫: Is your band about to play down at the Teen Center? Maybe you are announcing that you’ve gotten a seat in the viola section of the Cleveland Orchestra? You could also use this icon to make people read your tweet as song lyrics.

Maybe you have really complex things that you want to express with symbols. The cutting edge of twitter symbolism is emoji. Emoji are like smiley faces, but much more specific and complex. Here are some great examples.

ಠ_ಠ: This emoji is great for expressing disgusted alarm at something, or showing how weird you think something is. It is so popular, it has become a meme.

\(◎o◎)/: Sometimes you aren’t just excited, you are spastically excited. That’s what this emoji is for.

(✿◠‿◠): Are you feeling pretty today? Try this emoji!